Client Libraries

In order to simplify integration, Isigma will be providing implementations of the web service client in different languages.


Documentation and downloadables can be found here

Example usage:

// Create an instance of the client
String rootUrl = "";
WebServiceClient client = new WebServiceClient(rootUrl, user, password);

// Create a signature transaction: upload a document, and add two signers
String title = "Very important contract";
String comments = "Please verify that all prices are correct before signing";
File pdfFile = new File("File.pdf");
Long id = client.uploadDocument(pdfFile, title, comments, "AEX-234");
client.addSigner(id, "Peter Cantropus", "", "ES", "22222222J");
client.addSigner(id, "Dick Plodocus", "", "ES", "11111111H");

// retrieve the document at a later time to check status
SignatureTransaction document = client.getTransaction(id);
Date lastUpdate = document.getLastUpdate();
int status = document.getStatus();